Wellness in the Workplace


Wellness in the workplace

At Brooklyn Healing Arts we understand the importance of wellness in the workplace.  In this world, we all need the ability to sit back, relax, and rejuvenate.

Our Wellness in the Workplace programming brings our experiences to you. It could be a lunchtime sound bath or breath work session, or an evening program tailored to the group.  We can work with your intention and consult with what would be the best way to reach that intention.  We have a growing number of practitioners we work with and can get you exactly what you need.  

We can work with small groups and large groups with any combination of experiences. You may want to increase creativity or increase energy.  You could also simply want to restore and rebalance. No matter what, we can get you the right practitioners.


We offer, but are not limited to the following Experiences

Sound Baths

Kundalini Yoga


Shamanic Work



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