I don’t have sound tools or instruments, what can I do?

Rest assured, all sound tools will be provided to play. If you have your own tools we encourage you to bring them but if you don’t have them that is not a deterrent from taking the training. We have gongs, bowls, tuning forks…everything! If you wish to purchase anything at the training we will also be offering 10% discount on all tools purchased.

What if I am tired in the morning, do I have to take the yoga class?

We honor the body as divine gift, and rest and mental health is important. Though we encourage you to wake, move the body, and get ready for the day, we understand if you miss a day of class for processing. But being this is an important part of creating a Sadhana, please do not make it a daily routine and try to only miss up to two practices. This is an important part of the training.

Are there payment plan options?

Yes, see the drop down link.

I cannot make the whole training, can I come only for certain training days? What if I took a weekend training of yours?

No, since there is limited spacing we must honor those who will stay the whole time. Navigating the coming and going of participants will take the focus away from the training. If you have taken a training from us in the past, understand that these practices are always evolving and likely it will not be the same information as before. It’s nice to brush up as well and help others in the learning process.

Please submit all other questions to Jarrod@BrooklynHealingArts.com