2/10/19 To Find Balance

2/10/19 To Find Balance

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Balance is something we seek. All mindfulness works to find stasis. Be it a balance of masculine/feminine, creative/analytical, love/fear, or an elemental balance (fire, water, air, earth, ether) equilibrium is the key. When we are balanced we find contentment. When we have gratitude for contentment…we are presented with happiness.

This sound bath is to find balance internally. Working with diagonal energy to cut through these cords, it will allow us to reach that balance. We will fall into a state of trance with breath, movement, and guided mediations…creating balance where we need it. With special techniques we will find balance where it is needed with the help of gongs, tuning forks, Shruti box, and more.

These recordings are not a replacement for the live sound experience. Please come experience the depth of it in person. These tracks serves as meditations.

All sound baths are recorded live, please excuse any auxiliary sound created.