4/13/19 Samskara Sound Bath

4/13/19 Samskara Sound Bath

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Have you ever tried something you loved a long time ago, then you try it again…and are disappointed? This is an explore of a Samskara.
In philosophy, Samskaras are impression that have been left by experience which can hinder our perspective on truth. We have memories, yet Samskaras are the residual imprint which create karmic implications, false expectations, addictions, behavioral traits, and much more.
Samskaras stir the chitta and vrittis, the fluctuations of the mind which distract us from being presence. Samskaras can prohibit us from finding our joy and happiness.

Samskaras are the starting points of addiction and habitual behaviors. They are tricks of the mind which cause pain and suffering…and they are all unique to each of us.

These recordings are not a replacement for the live sound experience. Please come experience the depth of it in person. These tracks serves as meditations.

All sound baths are recorded live, please excuse any auxiliary sound created.