3/24/19 Cosmic Connections

3/24/19 Cosmic Connections

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Everything we do and create within the world is a product of our own doing. Our deep seeded neuroses become lodged deep within the fibers of our being.  To be present within the healing power of sound begins to melt away that which no longer serves us.  We align with a deep understanding of our being in accordance to our truth.

Within this workshop we will delve into the construction of the self.  We will work on releasing past traumas, fears, depressions, and everything that is keeping us from experiencing our highest state of grace and being.  Bring an intention of something you would like to detach from.  As group we will support each other through the healing process.  

These recordings are not a replacement for the live sound experience. Please come experience the depth of it in person. These tracks serves as meditations.

All sound baths are recorded live, please excuse any auxiliary sound created.