6/29/19 Oh, My Haunted Mind

6/29/19 Oh, My Haunted Mind

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We all carry ghosts and shadows in the form of thoughts and behaviors. We create the ghost which haunt us.  Navigating our consciousness to become aware of our patterns and conditioning is an important aspect of mindfulness. Awareness of thought is the first step to becoming rid of conditions which inhibit us from living our greatest life, unencumbered by our past, bringing us to the present state of the one heart.

Our minds are haunted with trauma of this life and the previous as well. The purpose of this sound bath is help us cultivate a healthy relationships with the aspects of the mind we tend to ignore and are ourselves from its grip.

These recordings are not a replacement for the live sound experience. Please come experience the depth of it in person. These tracks serves as meditations.

All sound baths are recorded live, please excuse any auxiliary sound created.