6/29/19 Saturday Morning Soundscapes

6/29/19 Saturday Morning Soundscapes

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Start the weekend the right way. Before going to brunch come for a little sound healing and feel how the effects last through the weekend.

It is a great time to set the nervous system for the day and weekend ahead. You will leave centered, ready, and alert. And if you want to come for a little nap, you are more than welcome to!

We will start with a brief breathing exercise to welcome ourselves into the space, followed by an hour sound bath to bring light into the day. We will use gong, tuning forks, and other tools to align the mind to the present moment.

Come in pieces, leave in peace.

These recordings are not a replacement for the live sound experience. Please come experience the depth of it in person. These tracks serves as meditations.

All sound baths are recorded live, please excuse any auxiliary sound created.