Hokema - Sansula Basic Melody - 11 Key


Hokema - Sansula Basic Melody - 11 Key


The Sansula is an oval wooden frame covered with a drum skin that resonates to the tones of the Kalimba which is mounted in the center.   The Sansula Basic Melody creates beautiful, gentle sounds that combine the 'wah-wah' effect of the Sansula Basic, with the strong tones of the Kalimba B11 Melody

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Name: Sansula Basic Melody

Quality: Hand crafted in Germany

Tuning and Sound

  • 11 tines precisely tuned to G-major 

  • Hold the instrument against the body, a table top, or the back of the Sansula softbag (made of specially designed resonator material) to create an impressive 'wah-wah' effect.

Ergonomics: Long and short tines alternate to ensure ease of playing. The six shorter tines are bent -  with the ends raised above the longer tines - enabling easy reach by the thumbs.

Dimensions: 8,4 x6.5 x 2.9 inch 

Materials: High quality wood  Cherrywood for the Kalimba block and beech wood for the frame


  • Play countless tune

  • Enjoy improvising and intuitive play, solo or with other

  • Not intended for youngsters due to the delicate drum membrane