Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness.  Through the practice of asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation we are able to awaken the creative energy deep within us.  This energy is within each of us and rests within the fourth vertebrae.  We work the body in a very specific manner to facilitate a chemical release that leaves us within our highest state if being...happiness.  As we work the body this energy begins to awaken and travels in a three and one half spiral into our higher energetic centers.  In Kundalini we have the ability to confront the deepest aspects of ourselves which hold us back and transform them into something that elevates the self as well as others around us.  In this technology, that which has caused us pain becomes the fuel for transformation.

Yogi Bhajan brought this Yoga to the west in 1969 during the hippie movement.  He adored them yet saw that their approach to spirituality was often steeped in substance.  He wanted to offer something different...something that lasted for a lifetime.  He gave us this gift to be complete human beings.  He is the first master to ever teach this powerful yoga publicly.  Originally it was a Raj yoga, meaning it was reserved for royalty to give them a heightened sense of awareness that allowed them to rule their kingdoms efficiently.  Yogi Bhajan taught us we are all kings and queens...and we all have control of the world.  

When we control the breath, we control the mind...when we control the mind we control the world.

Kundalini Yoga is the blueprint to be happy, healthy, and holy.


private yoga and meditation

Private Classes are a wonderful way to deepen your practice.  We work one on one in areas specific to your own personal development.  Specific kriyas, mediations, and sound will be catered to your needs.  This is a sacred time where we work with you and only you to bring upon a state of higher being and grace.  Private Yoga sessions are a great way to go deep into the practice and feel supported as you begin to shed what you no longer need.  Keep up!!

Private Kundalini Yoga and Mediation Classes are available at the

Comfort of Your Home, Office, or our Apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


75 Minute Sessions $150

10 Pack 10@$140 $1,400 



Current Teaching schedules

With Taranjot Singh (Jarrod Byrne Mayer)

Every Tuesday

Alo Yoga Soho


Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

*October 2020 subbing 3rd, 10th, 24th, and 31st

Every Wednesday Starting Oct 1st

Alo Yoga Williamburg


Kundalini Yoga and Sound Bath

Every Friday Starting Oct 1st

The Dream Hive Soho


Thank Gong It’s Friday!