Ancient traditions, all over the world, included extensive care for new mothers. Today, our society and culture at large, seriously lacks the necessary knowledge, support and care that new mothers and babies need to thrive. This lack extends far beyond the nuclear home and into our world. We right this wrong, by making postpartum care a pivotal part of health and wellness. Weaving together the collective understanding by multiple lineages, INNATE Traditions postpartum care addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects that women are confronted with in this time and offers holistic support to create a foundation to flourish.

Free 30 min consultation.


Receive a specially designed support session that takes care of whatever you need that day, that moment, to help you thrive. Create a ritual of self care and realize the importance of your wellbeing that your baby and family rely upon.

Initial $80, follow ups based on arrangement.

Group session:

It takes a village! Bring together your tribe, your family, your friends and neighbors to learn how to create and function as a community and thrive.

Exchange $300