One of the most subtle holistic healing modalities, Reiki balances the energies of the body with the Universal Life Force energy also known as chi, prana, or the unified field. It is an intrinsic energy and consciousness that pulses deep within us all. Like sound, we all have a harmony, however due to stress, injury, etc. we can get out of tune. Reiki helps to reset and restore the body's natural balance and rhythm. 

For a reiki treatment, one can expect a gentle placement of hands on the body throughout the session and a feeling of deep relaxation.

Comfortable loose clothing and an open mind are encouraged. 

Melody is Reiki I & II certified, she did her attunements at Maha Rose with Lisa Levine.


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Melody is available for private reiki sessions. Utilizing the energy within you and around you to create harmony, with a combination of understanding and intuition, Jarrod and Melody use protocols and awareness in the present moment to create space to assist the body’s natural ability to heal.

 Some examples of what reiki can create space for are pain relief, releasing addiction and emotional blocks, increasing creativity, balancing the chakras, clarity in life direction. All you have to do is show up.  We can visit your office, home, or would be happy to have you at our apartment in Greenpoint for a private session.  

Please do not eat within 2 hours of appointment or 1 hour after, water is okay.  This allows the energy to integrate.


reiki session with melody currently unavailable due to pregnancy. Please check back fall 2019. Or book a sound session with jarrod

60 Minute Reiki Session $135

90 Minute $175

90 Minute Sound Therapy and Reiki $350

Follow up Remote Reiki Sessions Available


The Reiki and Sound Therapy Combination is a power modality that Jarrod and Melody have developed.  As Melody gives Reiki, Jarrod supports with the use of sound.  The use of both modalities enhances the strength of the healing and works as an amplifier for the universal energy.  Guided by intuition, the depth of the healing is transformational.


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We do understand that financial situations occur, we do not want to turn anyone away if healing is needed.  Reach out and we will work out an exchange.