• Maha Rose (map)
  • 97 Green St #G3
  • Brooklyn, NY 11222

with Melody Balczon

11am- 1pm

Do you feel your life is a reflection of your authentic self? A block in our throat chakra can effect our ability to honestly express our self. Our words can be poison or medicine. Bringing our consciousness to how we communicate through both listening and speaking, we can bring balance to this aspect of our life. 

By transforming pain into our gift to the world and understanding that our struggles are not ours alone, I hope to share my own healing journey with alternative healing modalities to bring balance to the vishuddhi chakra, among others. 

Starting with a sharing circle in which we can explain what drew us to the space and find our common bond, we will then move into breathwork and sound to recalibrate our perception to our hearts. This will open up space for listening and guidance. We will then proceed into a Kundalini Kriya and meditation to open up the throat chakra, followed by a short sound bath and journaling/talking circle of what we discovered about ourselves. We will close with a commitment to ourselves to use our words for good. 

Please bring a journal and pen. 

$25 pre-register | $30 day-of

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