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Sound Therapy is a tool that works with the bio-energetic field that surrounds the body, with which we can clear excess energy and redirect it to where there are energetic deficiencies. In this workshop we will learn basic techniques for home use to address both physical purposes such as alleviating physical pain, easing headaches, and digestive or menstrual symptoms, as well as healing and balancing the subtle body by strengthening chakras, increasing Kundalini energy, and as a way to promote manifestation.

History: Dr. John Beaulieu developed Biosonics Tuning Forks as a product of secluding himself within an anechoic chamber. These "zero echo rooms" are the quietest places on earth where all sound is absorbed within the walls. Here Beaulieu would listen to his own internal sounds and then use the forks to adjust them spending over 400 hours in these rooms.

$150- Includes workshop, C&G tuning forks and a 128 Otto-tune fork, 3 forks in total.

$30- Workshop only, please be prepared to bring your own tuning forks or just observe.

*Please enroll at least 3 weeks in advance to purchase materials, a limited supply MAY be available for latecomers on a first come first served basis.

Advance enrollment required.

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