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Fall is the time to gradually transition from the external to the internal, retreating from the outdoor activities of Summer in preparation for the Winter months ahead. In ayurveda Fall is the vata, or air season. Think of dry leaves falling in the breeze. This is a time to find grounding and to create stabilizing internal heat. In Chinese medicine Fall is related to dryness and grief so acupuncture points will help to balance these influences. The Lung and Large Intestine points are related to the metal, which is the Fall element, and in acupuncture we are intended to resurrect the metal within our mind, body, and spirit to be in harmony with the season.

In our retreat we will combine the Ayurvedic and Chinese systems to ease us into the transitions of the Fall season. We will begin with a GENTLE but WARMING YOGA PRACTICE practice (without vinyasa, mainly seated and kneeling) to then settle into RESTORATIVE postures. Christina will lead a brief guided MEDITATION to prepare you for the extended GONG BATH, during which Melody will provide REIKI healing and Moonching will provide ACUPUNCTURE, focused on a few specific points to designed to promote full body health and wellness.

*Acupuncture and Reiki are included but are both optional.

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