• Usha Veda (map)
  • 1006 Manhattan Avenue
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11222
  • United States

With Christina Mattus, Jarrod Byrne Mayer, Melody Balczon & Moonching Wu

Sunday APRIL 2, 4:30-6:30pm

Spring is a time to cleanse, shed the layers of Winter and to emerge restored and ready for all that lies ahead in these exciting warmer months.

In this mini retreat we will relax and regenerate, supporting growth. Christina will ease you into RESTORATIVE YOGA postures and Jarrod will lead a brief guided MEDITATION to prepare you for the extended GONG BATH, during which Melody will provide REIKI healing and Moonching will provide ACUPUNCTURE, focused on a few specific points to designed to promote full body health and to avoid allergy symptoms.

*Acupuncture and Reiki are included but are both optional.

Please register in advance to assure your space $55

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