• Balance Bethlehem (map)
  • 2087 Main St
  • Bethlehem, NH

The human being is very intricate. The physical body is a dense form of vibration affected by subtle and etheric vibrations. These can be in the form of emotional or mental traumas as well as the residual effects or memories of physical injuries.

These subtle bodies form a bio-field of our past experiences. All those traumas and injuries are stored within these fields. We use tuning forks to neutralize these energies and bring them into harmony. We clear the traumas and injuries so they don't take form in the physical body or to relieve current pain from 'out of tune' vibrations.

This immersion will include techniques for both self care as well as practitioner elements to use in conjunction with Reiki, massage, acupuncture, and other holistic practices. 

Tuning forks will be available for purchase.