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Sound is a gateway to shuinya, the deep silence within. It is the void beyond duality which brings our outer world into greater bliss and harmony.  Sound healing has very little to do with actually creating sounds…but rather it is about cultivating a deep inner silence which can transfer through the tool being played.  

With the gift of Kundalini Yoga we can experience these deeper states of the self.  Only when we experience silence, can we give the experience of silence.

These four days will be a mixture of the teachings from the gong and tuning forks, which includes channeled meditations, control of Chi, and movements.  We will also practice Kundalini Yoga and mediations to deepen the experience. 

We will also go over other sound healing tools and modalities.  Tuning forks and singing bowls will be available for purchase.If someone would like to purchase a gong prior to the training please email Jarrod@BrooklynHealingArts.com and we be able to help.

Due to the nature of the location, exact location address is not disclosed until registration.

Driving to Sea Cliff is 45 mins to 1 hour depending on traffic and location in NYC.

Here are more details regarding transit.  Time from NYC to Sea Cliff is a short 40 minutes by train. If students prefer to remain local for the duration of the event, a few accommodation options are listed below. 

o   Glen Cove MansionAirBnB Option #1AirBnB Option #2Airbnb Option #3

There are several train options from NYC to Sea Cliff:

o   Penn Station to Manhasset Station is a 40 minute direct train ride and a $10-$15 Uber fee should be expected.

o   Penn Station to Sea Cliff Station (transfer at Jamaica) is a 1 hour and 4 minute ride and is a 10 minute walk. 

Exchange $600


Monday-Wednesday 9am-4pm

Thursday 11:30am - 5:30pm