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Using the voice to overtone is a tool that allows us to explore alternate states of consciousness as well as deepening the relationship with the self on an energetic and spiritual plane. On this evening we will have the opportunity to co-create a space for us all to experience ourselves.

The shruti box is a bellow instrument originating in India. It produces a drone that allows the voice to explore upon it. It is simple to play with minimal instruction and is effective for raising ones consciousness. No musical background is necessary.

After a brief introduction of the tools and a short vocal warm-up, we will explore for roughly 2 hours.

This workshop will be limited to 30 people. Shruti boxes will be provided, however if you have you own we encourage you to bring it. All who attend must participate in the exploration. Please plan on fully participating in the experience. There will also be the option to buy the shruti you play as well.

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