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Winter season is a slower time to rest and engage in more reflection; the ancients believed that our “depths” were more accessible to us during Winter, perhaps because there are fewer distractions than in the more active times of year. In Classical Chinese Medicine, Winter is considered a time to slow down, get more rest and eat substantial, warming foods in order to replenish our reserves of energy which we will need to draw from when a new cycle starts again in the Spring.


The element for Winter is water, governing our kidney energies. Not only do the kidneys release waste and release hormones helping us function physically, but they also help us function emotionally. Strong Kidney energy helps us to listen well and to articulate our own feelings with clarity, can help us process information and think clearly, and can help us cope with stress and process and adapt to change.


In our retreat we will begin with a GENTLE but WARMING YOGA PRACTICE practice (mainly seated and kneeling poses) to then settle into RESTORATIVE postures led by Marion Mahima. There will be a brief GUIDED MEDITATION to prepare you for the extended GONG BATH, during which Melody will provide REIKI healing and Moonching will provide ACUPUNCTURE, to promote full body health and wellness with focus on the kidneys.


*Acupuncture and Reiki are included but are both optional.


Please register in advance to assure your space, we usually sell out!  $55

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