• Maha Rose (map)
  • 97 Green Street
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11222
  • United States

As a world culture we are in the transition from the Kali Yuga (the dark age) to the Satya Yuga, Golden Age. The Kali Yuga is ruled and dominated by masculine energy. We are now entering the Golden Age, a 10,000 year cycle marked with bliss and joy…and it starts with the female Holy Woman, bearer of all life...kings and queens, all mothers and fathers, everyone you have ever known (and those who you won’t) have come from her. She is the future and that future is now. Woman gives life like water gives waves. Holy Woman is the leader of the Golden Age.

This workshop will include a 30 minute chant of Bhand-Jammeai, a mantra which brings enlightenment to the holiness of woman. We will share as a group and go over techniques and practices to elevate all women into this state of being. This actualization will alleviate the turmoil we see and feel in the world currently. We will finish with an 1 hour and 15 minute sound bath to integrate and elevate. This workshop is equally important for men and women, balancing masculine and feminine energies within us all. How one defines their gender is irrelevant to the work we are doing here.  All are welcome. We are all the Holy Woman.

Exchange: $40


*Artwork by Natalia Sat Vichar