We each have a unique relationship with our Karmic Shadows. Rather than responding from Ego, reflect inwards and listen. Quiet the logical impulse allowing the subconscious to reveal insight through deep personal symbolism and transpersonal experience. Utilize the epic power of this New Moon Eclipse in Leo to integrate a new alignment peeling away the layers of Egoic self manifesting the Hearts authentic truth.

Featuring special guest host Kira Saundra of The Panther Process. Kira Saundra is a Shadow Worker by birthright and the Curator of the Panther Process, a meta consciousness sensory journey through Shadow into Freedom. She has trained and lived internationally with many masters and certified in advanced-level Theta Healing, Evolutionary Astrology, and Shamanic Breathwork. Kira is also a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, trained in Chakra Therapy, Process Oriented and Jungian Psychology, and Reiki in her home of New York City. Kira carries a wide variety of world medicine from many global traditions. www.thePantherProcess.com/Curator


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