• Usha Veda Yoga (map)
  • 1006 Manhattan Ave
  • Brooklyn, NY 11222

Restorative Yoga*Meditation* Reiki*Acupuncture*Live Sound* Gong Bath

Join Marion Mahima Jackson, Jarrod Mayer, Marilyn Matthes, and Para Soerensen Parris for an afternoon focused on settling into the Winter season. Our retreat will promote full body health and wellness, further aided by deep relaxation. After settling into restorative yoga postures and a brief guided meditation led by Marion, you will receive Reiki healing from Para and acupuncture from Marilyn, while you are bathed in the cosmic sound of the gong and accompanying sound therapy provided by Jarrod.


Acupuncture promotes full body health but will focus on kidney meridians, the lending support to processing not only toxins and waste, but also our hormones and emotions. Strong kidney function helps us to listen well and articulate our feelings with clarity, can help us to process information and think clearly, and can help us cope with stress and process and and adapt to change. Small facial size needles will be used for acupuncture so it is a great place for those who are new to the practice. The vibrations of the gong further activate the acupuncture needles, intensifying and deepening the benefits.


*Acupuncture and Reiki are included but are both optional.


Please register in advance to assure your space, we usually sell out! $55

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