• RaMa Institute Venice (map)
  • 316 Lincoln Blvd
  • Venice, CA 90291
  • USA

As yogi’s work to adjust the body to liberate itself. We bring focus to adjusting the chemical balance within the brain. 

“Naad Namodam Rasa” is the term the ancient yogis gave to the shifting chemical balance within the body. It blends all three gunas (universal energies of sattva, rajas, and tamas) and neutralizes the Ida and Pingala, pressurizing the shushumna allowing the kundalini energy to circulate.

It is said this meditation was only given to families who have done seven generations of the work. The depth of its power in creating an inner shift is compounded with working in a spiritual community.

We will experience this meditation then be present within the healing sounds of the gong, to amplify the energy that has been cultivated.

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