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The May Full Moon is called the “Full Flower Moon” for the blossoming and opening of flowers. It is also called the “Mother’s Moon or Milk Moon” for similar reasons of birthing, beauty, and nourishment.

The full moon in Scorpio amplifies passion, sensuality, creativity, and control. The energy of this moon is perfect for delving into shadows in these areas- and releasing any thing asking to let go. In this ceremony we will explore the deeper messages of our individual shadows, drink cacao infused with flowers, and honor the divine beauty within.

The cacao spirit is a feminine and powerful teacher, one who can assist you in:

-releasing old stories
-cleansing negativity
-opening your heart
-connecting to the feminine/ Mother Earth
-increasing creativity
-feeling uplifted
-remembering the divine within you!

Combining the power of cacao with the healing sounds of the drum and the gong, we will transcend the limitations of the mind and create a deeply transformational experience.

We will sit together in a ceremonial circle and drink medicinal strength cacao from Guatemala. Please do not eat 2 hours before the ceremony to let the cacao goddess have her full effect.

All are welcome to join!

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