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  • 274 Bowery
  • NY, NY LES
  • USA

Celebrate our connection to the Divine Masculine
Sacred Cacao Ceremony in Honor of Father’s Day

We will honor ourselves, our ancestors, and the energy of the Sun, the eternal father, in a joyous and expansive evening!

Let us gather and celebrate in a nourishing circle of men and women. We will embrace the divine masculine, learn to work with energy of fire in a balanced and peaceful way, and honor the male ancestors that have walked before us.

We will journey with the Cacao Spirit to receive divine messages and inspiration, to help us become more grounded and in our power, and enjoy high-vibrational, organic raw chocolate at the end of the ceremony.

Please bring any pictures of inspiring men or of your male ancestors, or perhaps bring them along to the ceremony!

We will sit in a traditional circle and drink ceremonial strength cacao from Guatemala at the beginning of the ceremony.

Please do not eat 2 hours before the ceremony to let the cacao goddess have her full effect.

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