• Maha Rose (map)
  • 97 Green St
  • Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • USA

Anne Frank once said, “No one ever became poor by giving.”

For compassion is an act, it is an active expression of our empathy. In an age of quarrel, indifference, and stress…an open heart is the ultimate weapon to battle the tension of our age.

This is an age where we must become saints, creating a heart of gold which radiates into our aura, creating a vibrancy of loving-kindness and transformation.

There are people starving, not only from food…but from love…from compassion, from being heard, from misunderstanding, from too much food. How can we walk by and let people continue to suffer? How can we help? We must begin to radiate love.

This sound bath will consist of heart opening meditations, breath-work, and prayers to help us in the age. A heart of gold is an ally to strengthen the resolve in the Age of Aquarius. We must become compassion. We will use gongs, feathers, tuning forks, and many more tools to achieve this state.

Exchange: $40 

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E