Sound Therapy



The human body is an orchestra.  When the natural biorhythm of the body becomes disturbed we fall out of key.  The conscious use of sound can bring you back to your most natural state, happiness.

Sound Therapy is a way to retune the energetic bodies.  All illness, disease, emotional disturbances, mental problems, are first created within the energetic bodies prior to manifestation within the physical body.  Through the use of tuning forks, singing bowls, gong, and a variety of other tools which evoke sounds specific to ailments, we can create a balance of harmony within the body.  Through specific techniques we can both remove excess energy or bring in new energy where it is lacking.  Sound therapy has the ability to relieve stress at the cellular level, bringing upon a state of joyous being.

Reasons why you may be interested include stress relief, anxiety, depression, addiction, physical pain, emotional pain, mental clarity, life direction, digestion, manifestation, maintain well being, detachment, or just to feel good! 



Jarrod is available for private sessions.  One session will give you an experience while a session pack or program will foster a deep healing in conjunction with the imprint of vibration and frequency into the mind-body-spirit.


All Sessions are 60-75 Minutes



Single Sound Therapy Session $225

5 Weekly Sessions @ $210 = $1,050 (recommended)

10 Weekly Sessions @200 = $2,000

Travel Fee Extra

We do understand that financial situations occur, we do not want to turn anyone away if healing is needed.  Reach out and we will work out an exchange.

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