Beginners Tuning Fork Set with Book


Beginners Tuning Fork Set with Book

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This is a great beginners set for those interested in pursuing sound healing and energetic therapies. You could have an entire career with these simple tools.

With Gem Foot:
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Included in set is:

(1) Human Tuning Book

(1) 2 Fork Set of C & G Forks

(1) 128 Otto Tune Tuning Fork

We highly recommend using a gem foot but it is optional. Please see the other items as it helps amplify the healing properties.

128 Otto Tune

Directly used on the body to help align your physical structure, the Otto Tuner resonates the bones, stimulates the nerves and releases tension from the body. Vibrating your bones with deep earth tones, the Otto Tuner brings a sense of deep relaxation and soothing peace. It relieves muscle tension, spasms, pain, and improves circulation by relaxing constricting muscle tissue and causing increased blood flow. The 128 Otto Tuner is especially effective when placed on the rib heads, thorasic vertebra, sternum and illiums. Two Otto Tuners tapped gently on the knees and held to the ears create a beautiful sustained low tone, which is excellent for grounding and relaxation.


Deep relaxation and soothing peace

Relaxes body tissue

Relieves muscle tension, spasms, and pain

Improves blood circulation

Stimulates nerves on the skin and hair

C&G (2) Fork Set

The Body Tuners are the ideal beginner as they are the most powerful tuning fork combination. The C and G tuners create a “perfect fifth” and open the gateway for healing and higher consciousness. Listening to these two different tones, your body makes one tone, bringing your whole nervous system to balance and integrating your mind and body. Within 30 seconds (the same amount of time it takes to stretch a muscle), you can achieve a state of unification and deep relaxation, which might take you 45 minutes to reach through meditation.

Upgrades For These Sets

Gem Feet

Solar Harmonic Upgrade